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I think there's a problem with story clients triggering. Never got the third for Andrea Washingtron or Sylvia, and got all three of Courtney's while only getting one of Alyna's despite hiring them at the same time.


Dude, it's not working in mac -_-

First or later you'll add cheat? Or at last something that make the transformation thing easy

Cheats are enabled on the Patreon-backer build of the game, if that's what you mean by making the transformation thing "easy".

you have patreon?

I do:



Does the player get transformed though out the game or is it just your costumer's?

Idk for now that i play it no

Just the customers for now.

Found a bug; the third story client for andrea washington never triggered

Are there still going to be new macOS builds of the game? It looks like there haven't been any updates to it since v0.3.1.1

Infrequently, but yes.

Or you could use a program to open .exe files on mac. However, sometimes some assets are missing. But luckily the only asset missing I can find is the x to close a window. 

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I've spent way too much time on this, and I'm aware. Time flew by way too quickly the first time, and I always wanted to just read another case, one after the other. Then again, I'm the right target for these small transformation stories, so good bait.

Though there's not a lot of variety in the calibration mechanics, but I'm not sure how you'd change that. It also feels like there's a big unbalance with the progression system, and there's very little you can do to lower suspicion. Research is also over quite early, and you don't have much research to do once you've got the collection. I also found very little use in researching and producing the colas.

Still, I had some fun with it. Will look forward to more.

You guys did an awesome work !! I just played it for 2 days by now and I am addicted !
I even want to find a clinic like that one day IRL <3 <3


Thanks! And me too...

Once again another amazing and wonderful piece of work :D

I didn't know I would like this, since typically, I don't like things without "quests" and story. But the thing is, you have added numerous things into this to make it very interesting, and mini-stories if you follow the people wanting to be transformed.

Again, Amazing!


What other transformations can we expect? Blueberry? Food?

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do the settings include options to disable (or force) certain fetishes?

for example, I don't want clients asking to become a herm (provided they can even do so to begin with), and would rather have them asking to become an anthro animal


You can restrict certain themes by simply not researching the relevant crystal, but unfortunately there's no particular theme for something like "futa".  Maybe in the future we can add this in similar to how we did it for Exile of Aphrodisia.

This is a pretty fun game. However I have noticed a glitch when calibrating where you can spam click to calibrate multiple crystals at once

This game looks really good, but whenever I try to play it on mac nothing seems to happen it just brings me to a screen where I don't seem to be able to interact with anything.

Can you send me your Player.log file?

Hey there! One of my friends who played through the game was saddened to find no way to lower infamy? They kept getting the influencer event and bad luck with it. They suggested getting clients coming in with requests to cure and remove TFs they'd had done against their will as an option to clear infamy? That's definitely an angle that seems a bit underused for now. Regardless, for an alpha, that's an amazing job already! Love the focus on queer inclusivity and positivity in the employees. Even all the 18+ parts aside it just feels nice giving people the bodies they desire.

Love the game. Would be great if we could get some pictures or gifs

Love this game, but still have problems of it not ending day properly. How do I fix that? 

The best way is probably to send me the save file for me to load and see if I can recreate the issue.

Your save files will probably be in a directory like this: C:\Users[PC Name]\AppData\LocalLow\Blue Fairy Media LLC\Transformation Tycoon\saves

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I enjoyed my time playing so far up to the final building, and 'most' of my complaints are simply wanting more of that sweet sweet content, that said though: it baffles me that there is no proper save/load system. Even if this is to prevent save scumming, it basically means you have to rely on autosaves in order to stop playing.

Also I 'would' post an odd bug I had where the first time I played I somehow broke the game and the game thought I had 36 of the feminine crystals on like day 4 and wouldn't let me end day and continue, but it didn't happen again on a new save so... no idea there. I do think it'd be nice to have some way to change default auto-stock stuff, as in my playthrough I rushed permanent crystals (since those are what all of the staff transformations require), and the auto-stock wouldn't buy anything after I unlocked those since I didn't have enough to auto-stock those that early.

*edit: went to Discord, press ESC to pull up menu for saving

First of all, I think it's a very good game, with a very well-managed idea. I wanted to ask you if the text could be enabled to let you copy it, many people use a translator in this type of game, and it would be a help to enjoy it, I don't know if it is very difficult since I have no idea of creating games.

I honestly never posted a comment on anything but I really enjoy this game, at first I was a tad confused sure but now, I just adore it

kinda grindy. not much to do after a certain point but upgrade a little more (upgrades take ages, albeit they are useful), get a better office, etc
really needs more automation since you can get to a max of 6 booths, but there is no reason to expand past a first or second one
as the guy below me said, content is kinda random and you can't choose what you wish to see/do
there are also some events which are non repeatable, namely experiments and story events which you'd have to restart the game to see


It's more of a tycoon with lots of micromanagent (you have to play that mini game again anf again for every customer, I don't see how it's going to scale up), than a naughy adult game. Plus, you don't really choose a direction of the content. Like, if you like only certain type of transformations but not others - the game doesn't really care.

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This is a rather fun little game currently. I would love to see more transformation crystals as well as a bit more variety on the calibration minigame, maybe add another calibration step for the more complex transformations. One thing i have found out as well it gets rather easy to snowball into riches as you get more chambers up and running. The research aspect is fun but i think to make it a bit more interesting that pressing a button and watching the transformation happen, there could be a bit more interactivity. (I.E a way to increase or potentially decrease ones research progress either by passing or failing the stages of research. More staff would be nice too, maybe have it that for each chamber one buys another staff member needs to be recruited to man it. It would also be nice to see more infamy clients, at current with my playthrough im standing at 900+ Fame and 72.25 Infamy

But for a game that i have been following on the discord this is great for an alpha version. Oh one other thing. There should be an element of risk when doing the calibrations, as right now even if one failed a calibration several times if one has a stupid amount of crystals its rather easy to cheese it. Maybe implement a 3 strike system so that if one screws up you only get a limited amount of retries to get a better result. 

Graphics wise its basic, but it works no complaints here. The staff members portraits are great and i would love to see pictures for the story clients. For the calibration board, it would be nice to make it look more scientific, add a background that makes it look like your crystal alignments are actually going fitting into a slot. 

Bugs wise, i noticed that as you rank up your rank does not seem to actually increase on the main screen, only in the rank/statistics page i have also seen a few typos here and there but nothing major. 

I look forward to seeing this progress... and in the future im going to absolutely repledge to the patreon

I've sat down with this for a while now, and it's really good!! I cannot wait to see where it goes. I love the character portraits (Callon has my heart <3).

The calibration minigame gets very repetitive though, and I wish there were either more types of minigames for it or a way to speed up the process.

Either way, I'll be following development for sure.